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We are currently experiencing high call volumes due to the inclement weather. If you are calling to register a new claim for external damage to your property due to the recent high winds, please note that you may arrange for repairs to be carried out by a contractor of your choice up to a value of £500.00 including VAT. The validity of your claim will be considered subject to receipt of a completed claim form and an invoice from your contractor confirming the cause of damage. Your policy excess will be deducted from any settlement of your claim.

Please note that storm damage to gates, hedges and fences is specifically excluded by your policy.
dated 11 August 2014

For help and guidance on how to make your claim click on the type of claim you wish to make. Certain sections of the policy are only operative if you have purchased that particular element of cover. Before submitting your claim please check your insurance schedule for confirmation of the cover you hold together with any limits that apply.

Accidental damage claim

wine spill

The policy provides cover for unexpected and unintended accidental damage to the insured property caused by sudden and external means.

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Accidental damage to drains claim


The policy provides cover for accidental damage to underground service pipes or cables that provide services to or from your home and for which you are legally responsible.

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Escape of water claim

escape of water

The policy provides cover in the event of damage to the insured property caused by water that has escaped from a fixed plumbing installation or appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher.

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Fire claim


The policy provides cover for damage caused to the insured property as a result of a fire.

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Flood claim


The policy provides cover for damage to insured property as a result of a river bursting its banks or surface water flooding where local drainage overflows due to excessive volumes of water.

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Impact damage claim

Impact Damage

The policy provides cover for damage to insured property caused by impact by a vehicle, animal (excluding insects, birds or domestic pets) or any moving object originating from outside your home.

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Liability claim


The liability section of the policy provides cover in the event of a claim for compensation being made upon you by another party. It will compensate the other party for the legal liability you may attract for an event which causes injury to a person, or damage to third party property. It will also meet the associated legal costs involved.

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Storm claim

Storm Damage

The policy provides cover for damage to the insured property as a result of a one-off storm event

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Subsidence claim


The policy provides cover for damage to your buildings caused by subsidence. Evidence of subsidence can usually be identified when a crack or cracks appear in the buildings caused by a downward movement of the foundations. This is usually a result of changes in the volume of subsoil due to an external factor like trees or leaking drains.

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Theft, attempted theft, or malicious damage claim


The policy provides cover in the event of you being a victim of theft, attempted theft or malicious damage when the loss or damage relates to your insured property.

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Download an insurance claim form: Download claim form

For more information or to speak to a claims handler please call us on
01274 700 810 Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm excluding bank holidays.

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helpline numbers

An additional benefit of taking out a policy with Integra is the after sales help and advice services. These provide policyholders with easy access to advice and guidance, over the phone, to deal with all kinds of events and emergencies occurring within the United Kingdom. These services are available to both policy holders and their family free of charge during the period of insurance. We will not accept responsibility if the helpline services are unavailable for reasons outside our control.