Homeowners storm claim

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Well maintained buildings will withstand all but the most extremes of weather. We consider a storm to be strong winds sometimes accompanied by rain, hail or snow. Heavy and persistent rain alone does not constitute a storm.

If emergency repairs are necessary to protect your property or to prevent further damage please proceed as soon as possible and submit the appropriate invoices. Please note, these costs will only be paid if you have a valid claim.

We will meet the cost of any damage caused as the sole result of a storm event but will not cover the cost of any maintenance related defect. We will ask you to inform us of the date the damage occurred and you should be able to demonstrate how storm conditions caused the damage.

Two estimates for repairs should be obtained and submitted to us with your claim form. The estimates should clearly explain how the damage occurred and the nature of repairs required.

An approved building specialist or loss adjuster may be appointed by us to investigate whether the claim is covered by the policy, to assess the loss or damage and to manage the claim on our behalf.

Before submitting your claim please check your policy and schedule to see if you are covered and make yourself aware of any limits or exclusions that may apply. A copy of your policy wording and schedule can be provided by your broker, alternatively call our claims department. Please note a claims excess will be deducted from any claim payment, your excess amount can be found on the schedule.

Please make sure you submit your claim as soon as possible.

You may have been provided with a telephone number to report a claim from your broker or intermediary. If this is the case you should use this in the first instance for claim notification.

Alternately, you can contact our claims department 01274 700 810 (9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

In order for your claim to be considered a completed claim form will be required but we will register your notification in the first instance and provide guidance as to the next steps. We cannot respond to your claim until notification is received by Integra.

Alternatively, email: claims@integra-ins.co.uk or telephone 01274 700 810 to notify us and request a claim form. We are open 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday

You can also write to us at:
Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd.
Currer House
Currer Street

Please complete your claim form and return it to the address above. Please include any estimates, accounts and supporting documents. If you prefer you can fax your claim form to 01274 700 811, or scan your documents and send by email to claims@integra-ins.co.uk. Please remember to sign your claim form.

Before sending any documents and the claim form to us please make a copy for your records.

Once notified, we will assess your claim and aim to respond to you within five working days. Your claim will be allocated a unique claim reference number which you should quote in any future correspondence with us.

Depending on the nature of your claim we may need to contact you for more information or appoint a loss adjuster to investigate whether the claim is covered by the policy, to assess the loss or damage and to manage the claim on our behalf.

If a loss adjuster is appointed they will contact you within 24 hours to progress your claim.

Claim payments are usually made by cheque directly to you after the policy excess, any voluntary and/or compulsory excess has been deducted; or to a third party on your request.

When a claim payment is agreed we aim to make that payment within five working days.

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Does a claim affect my no claims bonus?

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How long will my new claim take?

Should I contact Integra or my broker?

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Storm Claim

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