Security and crime prevention

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Security and crime prevention
11 April 2019

The lighter evenings and warmer weather often lead to an increase in burglaries, during the spring and summer months. Opportunist thieves will take advantage of people leaving doors and windows open.

To help reduce the risk of theft and burglary within your home, there are a few preventative measures you can undertake:

  • Ensure that your external doors are strong, in good condition and secured to a high standard. Fitting a five-lever mortice deadlock or extra sliding bolts will improve security. French doors should be fitted with mortice locks on the top and bottom of both doors. Check all windows are fitted with key-operated window locks.
  • Consider installing an alarm system as this can deter would be criminals. The siren box of security alarms will act as a visual deterrent to some extent. An alarm substantially reduces the time available for the criminal to commit a crime.
  • Security lights are also a good deterrent as they switch on at pre-set times or when they detect movement.
  • Sturdy high fences and thorny hedges act as a good deterrent.
  • Store garden tools and ladders securely in your locked shed or garage, as criminals may use these to break into your home.
  • Never hide a spare key outside and make sure that keys are not within easy reach of the letter box.
  • Avoid leaving valuables in full sight. Consider fitting blinds to obscure a full view into your property.
  • Whilst away from your property, set up timers to trigger your lighting to come on at regular intervals, making it look like someone is at home.
  • Ask a trusted friend or relative to check your property whilst you’re away, to collect the post and move it away from the front door or out of the porch.
  • Many thieves break into the same home a second time as it’s likely stolen items will be replaced. Call in a locksmith to ensure that your home is fully secured, and the point of entry is reinforced.

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